how hott

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wow we havent updated in like what? forever! wow o wow! lol hehe well we are decoreating for hehe
it was BS.. now it has formed into BFS4L!'
tara and natalie
(banana bitch barbie)
(sweet n sour shorty)
how hott

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school started. wearing our cheerleading outfit was gay! but thank god we dont have to tomorow! yay! i mean it wasnt that bad it was just funny as hell! comment.

new layout. like?

tara and natalie
how hott

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school starts in 3 days

B . S . </100>

bff for life.. </70>

natalies schedule ::

*english * berkson*
*Bio * brown*
*health * berowski*
*spanish * block*
*algebra * camacho*
* cheer * leading*

taras schedule ::

comming tomorow!!!!!!! </10>